“BackFire” series: After two and a half years of conceiving, the company’s marketing team and R&D team visited more than 3000 professional customers to conduct research, experience the scene and build technical personnel to exchange details. For two consecutive years, they have ben living in Shenzhen R&D Center,through a number of top appearance designers,structural designers,electronic circuit designers,plastic parts designers, lock body structural designers.Through unremitting efforts,continuous speculation,research,practice,research and development.consider the functional,practical, color reductive, strctural precision,rapid maintenance,high stability, human manipulation,finally create the “Backfire”series LED Screen that is both in line with customer needs and recognized by the international design community.

The anti-knock design of circuit board effectively enhances the strengh of module body and guarantees the maintenance of the lamp beads after the impact . the cabinet adopts the anti-knock beam design at the bottom of the cabinet .When puting the cabinet on the ground ,it doesn't knock the lamp .

The modular panels ,power system,control system and signal transmission system are designed for quick response to any emergency on site.

High end configuration :The whole screen uses Taiwan Microblock chips to ensure the stability of IC and uses high end LED beads ensure brightness ,color consistency ,stability and long service life .

Lcd display panel :Installing LCD panel on PRO series and monitoring the power voltage ,temperature,humidity ,signal to ensure the safe operation anytime .

High efficiency power supply system :G-Energy power . High end conrol module (A4S/A5S) :with function of restore button and double backup of receiving card,the control system is more stable .

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