Shenzhen Boss Research Group focuses on the LED industry for 11 years. It is a platform of “innovative engineers as the core” and “rendering” as the theme of the enterprise. The company is located in the open technology innovation capital—Shenzhen, the company has gathered. A group of passionate R&D engineers with extensive academic qualifications are well versed in electronic circuits, structural design, industrial design, chip development, software development, signal transmission, and mold development. The company has 2000 square meters at the Fuyong subway station. 5A-class luxury office area, Dongguan 10,000 square meters production base, Qingdao nearly 10,000 square meters of sales and production service base, first-class office environment and advanced promotion mechanism, providing employees with a platform for sustainable growth. Companies adhering to the "research and development to create value, innovation to drive the future" business philosophy, has been established: Qingdao Qingan Optoelectronics Rental Screen Division, Shenzhen Boshi Research and Development Service Outsourcing Division, Shenzhen Boshi Wumei Display Division, Shenzhen Boss Macro Business Department, Shenzhen Boshi Cinema Division, the company mainly undertakes: third-party R & D outsourcing services, production and sales of LED rental screen, micro-pitch HD display, LED cinema display system, etc., the company is "to come is the founder" for talent introduction The aim is to attach great importance to professional R&D and marketing talents. It is the first BTS “Golden Triangle” R&D model. The deep-level mobilization has stimulated the wisdom and passion of professional R&D technical talents. With the company’s high-paying dividend model, it has highly recognized the R&D, technology and marketing talents. Value; the level-by-level equity incentive model allows talented people to truly find a sense of belonging as the entrepreneurial master; the company's "free growth, no governance" management policy, effectively and quickly explore the allocation of professional marketing talents, efficient and rapid growth, Automatically promote the rapid development of each business unit, and we will cooperate with you. Hand for a better vision.

Corporate culture

Company Vision:Committed to become the world's strongest research and development of creative display equipment provider

Corporate culture:Exploration and innovation, dare to be responsible, the result is king

Core Values:Boutique awareness, integrity contract, sharing of benefits

Company mission:Achievement customers to create value, Achievement employees to create value, Achievement partners to create value

Company slogan:Bosi research and creation

Management policy:Free growth and Control by Doing Nothing

Talents Convening Slogan:Coming in Boosi, and you are the founder of Boosi’s

Enterprise honor

"Backfire" series LED stage performance rental screen won the iF international award!

Ten years of fruit, ingenuity! Employing the top design of the industry, and employing structural engineers with 15 years of industry experience to design the cabinet structure, solid structural design, comfortable control experience and perfect streamline design, full of technology, not only meet customer needs It is also a classic of the LED industry recognized by the international design community.

Staff style

The key to success is the rise and fall of the cause. Boss Research has won a foothold in the market through competition, relying on a large number of like-minded people who are not afraid of danger and courage. In the development of Boshiyan, Boshi people will be devoted to the development of Boshiyan, and they will let the company develop and grow.

“Come on is the founder!” Boshiyan is working with you to create a beautiful vision.

Boosi Research&Creation Co,Ltd



Address:5F,Building B, Fuhai C&C Park, No. 6095, Baoan  district, Shenzhen, China