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Beyond dreams 2018

Large-scale stage talent show, using advanced LED screen, flexible control of the scene, atmospheric ...


New town · yuejun residence large-scale performance activity scene, boshi ...

Entrepreneurship Award

Help award, shandong province study abroad personnel return to the...



Boosi Research&Creation Co,Ltd has been a leader in the LED industry for 11 years. It is a platform of “innovative engineers as the core” and “Creating Research” as the theme of the enterprise. The company is located in the open technology innovation capital – Shenzhen, the company A group of highly motivated R&D engineers gathered in Boss, who have deep knowledge in electronic circuits, structural design, industrial design, chip development, software development, signal transmission, mold development, etc. The company owns in Fuyong subway station. 2000 square meters 5A luxury office area, Dongguan 10,000 square meters production base, Qingdao nearly 10,000 square meters of sales production service base.